Breachers Down but Not Out

Breaches could still be avoided, report notes.

Microsoft Issues New Windows Security Advisories

Microsoft issued even more details about Windows security concerns, even after releasing its August security update on Tuesday

Tallying the Cost of Cyber Crime

Organizations are typically targeted by more than one successful cyber criminal attack each week -- costing the average organization $3.8 million.

Zero-Day Windows Kernel Flaw Linked to Clipboard

As the largest patch in Microsoft's Patch Tuesday history looms, the plot thickens.

CIA, Google Invest in "Future" Web Algorithm

Search giant Google and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency are investing in a company working to track Web-browsing behavior

Security: Don't Believe the (SAS 70) Hype

Confusion about the efficacy of SAS 70 seems to be more the rule than the exception. A new report suggests that a SAS 70 reality check is long overdue.

Microsoft Revises Policy on Reporting Security Flaws

Microsoft has adopted a variant of its "responsible disclosure" policy for reporting security flaws in its software, the company announced

Coming Clean: Getting a Handle on Permissions and Group Memberships

Sorting through legacy permissions can seem daunting; these suggestions will help you manage the project.

Windows XP: Widely Used, Widely Attacked

Exploits using Windows XP as an attack vector will grow this year, according to security experts commenting on Microsoft's "Security Intelligence Report Volume 8"

Dell Technicians Find Malicious Code on Motherboards

Dell is warning many of its customers of potential malware embedded in a set of server motherboards.

Adobe Reader to Get Security Sandbox

As Adobe Systems applications face increasing security threats, Microsoft is stepping up to lend a helping hand.

Dramatic Rise in Malware

The malware calm in the midst of a raging spam storm was almost eerie. Until last month, that is, when things took a turn -- for the worst.

Securing Multi-Tenancy and Cloud Computing

How to ensure security is part of the cloud adoption strategy.

Windows Zero-Day Advisory Issued on USB Drives

Microsoft issues security advisory about Windows vulnerability associated with shortcut icons on USB drives

Adobe Reader and Microsoft IE Top Security Concerns

The majority of Internet security threats come from unpatched vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat/Reader and Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.

Q&A: The State of IT Security

Recommendations for making data safer that won’t decimate your IT budget.

Microsoft Delivers July Security Patch

Three updates rated "critical," one deemed "important."

Critical Windows and Office Fixes Coming Tuesday

Microsoft plans to release four software fixes on Tuesday in its July security update

Security Crackers Keep the Pressure On

With World Cup-oriented attacks and a brazen tech-support-by-phone scam, it's business as usual for the ever-creative information security crackers.

Q&A: The Shift in Data Breaches

Breaches are targeting application because that's where the data is.