Storage: Hardware

RAID and the Road to Greener Storage

Ratcheting back on disk power costs via RAID controller management software is one approach to "going green."

Two Near-Disasters Highlight Backup/Recovery Deficiencies

During a regional disaster, a large company will quickly discover that the damage to small firms in the area can dramatically reduce its own recovery

Declaration of Independence, Storage Style

Given the nature of technology and of business economics, are we ready for a storage revolution?

Uncovering the Dark Secrets of Dark Storage

Dark storage is disk space that is unmapped, unclaimed, or unassigned.

ISE: Building-Block Storage

Why a new technology -- Intelligent Storage Element -- has our storage analyst raving

Scoop on Spectra Logic's Media Lifecycle Management

Tape issues are the result of personnel errors and processes, not of the technology itself.

Xiotech on the Right Path

Ask a dozen executives about the state of storage resource management and you’ll get ten different answers, but one company -- Xiotech -- has shown the way to true management nirvana with its Web services-based management architecture.

A Storage Operating System for the Masses?

Real storage innovation may be happening in software, not hardware

Return to Direct Attached Storage for DreamWorks

Is IBRIX truly a vendor-agnostic technology that can dramatically improve data access speeds?

Getting to Green: PG&E Takes Proactive Steps

Is an incentive program the right way to drive increased greenness in storage and server operations?

What's In Store for Storage 2008

Disaster recovery tends to become a focus during any period of economic uncertainty -- and 2008 will deliver uncertainty in spades if market pundits are correct.

Building Storage Shouldn’t Be Trick or Treat

Storage purchasing with an eye toward promised "treats" may ignore the "tricks" that follow.

Thin Is In -- Or Is It?

The downside of thin provisioning at the array level is not being fully articulated by any vendor.

Storage Security Part V: Disk Encryption

Seagate’s announcement of Momentus drives with DriveTrust technology holds promise for enabling IT to secure data at rest

Securing Storage, Part II: Encryption is Only a Start

Storage security needs a more systemic view to succeed.

Building an Archive Strategy, Part V: The Devil in the Details

What every storage admin must ask: what must we save and where shall we save it?

A Database Archiving Solution Like No Other

Though StorHouse is principally a data warehousing system, its stronger value may be as a database archiving solution.

Just NBOD It

How much would you spend for 2 TB?

Hosting E-Mail in a Storage Cluster

The need to build resilient low-cost infrastructure for hosting e-mail archives is growing fast.

Hybrid Drives: Good Architecture or All Flash?

Is Microsoft's Vista responsible for a push to hybrid drives?