Q&A: Optimizing Your Data Archives

What defines "old" data, and how do you solve compatibility issues of legacy backups?

Keeping Data Close to Home

The more information you have, the more you must worry about where it's stored and if your organization is in compliance with the global potpourri of industry and government regulations.

Video: The Value Case for Archiving (Interview)

The four basic goals of archiving, plus a 3-2-1 best practice recommendation

Video: The Changing Role of Tape (Interview)

Spectra Logic's Molly Rector discusses tape's niche role as a powerful backup medium to its use in active archives

Unifying Local and Remote Recovery

Three technologies that can help you create an integrated recovery plan.

What Does "Archive" Really Mean? (Part 2 of 2)

More misconceptions clarified about the meaning of storage archiving, plus criteria you should use to make smart archive purchases.

What Does "Archive" Really Mean? -- Part 1 of 2

One technology strategy sure to be strategic is data archiving. We clear up several misconceptions about the technology.

Video: SANS in Virtual Server Environments (Interview)

Virtual Instruments' CEO blends a historical perspective of FC storage with case studies of benefits of SAN management using his company's products

Q&A: Server Virtualization and Storage

Virtualization is so radically different from physical computing that entirely new approaches to storage are required. So why aren’t vendors keeping up?

Using Replication to Protect Remote Office Data

There are many advantages in selecting a replication solution over remote backup, from significant cost savings in hardware, software, and operations to better data protection, business continuity, and disaster recovery -- all in a single solution.

Video: Savings from Virtualizing Physical Connections (Interview)

Jon Toor, vice president of marketing at Xsigo Systems, explains how to save money by virtualizing your physical NICs and HBAs in servers and using a Xsigo Systems Director to broker and manage I/O from physical and virtual servers.

The Need for New Thinking about Backup/Recovery

Don't develop your backup plan based on what your DR software can do. Band-Aid fixes won't help -- we need to think about what and how you back up in a whole new way.

Files, Files Everywhere

To help IT manage its file deluge, vendors are trying to develop a platform that delivers respectable performance for file access vendors. They're really just building a bigger junk drawer.

Video: Tape Backup for Distributed Systems (Interview)

ReiJane Huai, chairman, CEO, and co-founder of FalconStor Software, discusses his pioneering work in tape backup software for distributed systems.

Video: Managing Storage Junk Drawers (Interview)

Digital Reef CEO Steve Akers explains the challenges confronting companies as they try to bring order to their storage junk drawers.

The Employee Factor of Continuity Planning: Four Reasons It Matters to IT Executives

Four reasons IT executives charged with business continuity planning, risk management, and disaster recovery must consider their employees and operations heavily in their plans.

Q&A: Enterprise Storage Challenges

More data means more storage -- and more headaches. We look at today’s storage challenges, the impact of open source storage solutions and server virtualization, and the storage trends to watch this year.

Q&A: Disaster Recovery Considerations for Large Enterprises

Increasingly complex data center environments put an extra strain on your disaster recovery plans. How should you address performance, capacity, and management requirements and ensure your protection strategies are effective?

Video: Disaster Recovery and CA (Interview)

An inside look at changes in the disaster recovery planning process and CA's goals in developing decision support products.

On to a New Decade

In 2010, vendor marketing campaigns will ramp up with the usual hype.