Wrappers and Recovery

How prepared are you for a disaster?

Why Storage Clouds Are Worth a Closer Look

It's time to take another look at remote storage services.

Two Near-Disasters Highlight Backup/Recovery Deficiencies

During a regional disaster, a large company will quickly discover that the damage to small firms in the area can dramatically reduce its own recovery

Declaration of Independence, Storage Style

Given the nature of technology and of business economics, are we ready for a storage revolution?

Being an IT Hero

Too many IT shops are deploying supposed technology solutions without fully understanding the complexity and collateral effects introduced into other parts of a dynamic system.

Mapping the Human Genome was the Easy Part

How to store and manage all of the data created in the genotyping process and in subsequent analytical activities creates unique requirements for research scientists.

Vendors Respond to De-Duplication Concerns (Part 3 of 3)

Vendors offer their opinions on staying out of legal hot water to where to expand the use of de-duplication technologies.

A Sanity Check on De-Duplication (Part 2 of 3)

We discuss the types of de-duplication and what meaningful criteria should be used to evaluate competing approaches and products

Sanity Check on Tape, VTL, and De-Duplication

VTL and de-duplication, tape versus disk -- a possible new answer looms on the horizon.

Another Mean Season Underway

Testing is where the rubber meets the road….and fewer than 50 percent of companies ever do it

Uncovering the Dark Secrets of Dark Storage

Dark storage is disk space that is unmapped, unclaimed, or unassigned.

Dashing to Dashboards for Business Continuity

If you need to augment your continuity strategy testing and management capability, RecoverGuard is worth a look.

De-duplication and the Allure of the One-Stop Shop

Is IBM's purchase of a de-duplication process tactical or strategic?

Virtual Servers and Storage: Truth or Dare

How many shops are really using server virtualization?

A Tale of Two Architectures

Storage nirvana remains the undiscovered country of the true SAN.

Archiving Efficiency: The Key to Green Storage

Manufacturers may redesign their products to improve energy efficiency, but data archival may be the real secret to green storage.

ISE: Building-Block Storage

Why a new technology -- Intelligent Storage Element -- has our storage analyst raving

Scoop on Spectra Logic's Media Lifecycle Management

Tape issues are the result of personnel errors and processes, not of the technology itself.

Xiotech on the Right Path

Ask a dozen executives about the state of storage resource management and you’ll get ten different answers, but one company -- Xiotech -- has shown the way to true management nirvana with its Web services-based management architecture.

Fibre Channel Over Ethernet: The Promised SAN?

Will FCoE, which uses the same cabling as the next generation LAN, rapidly become the storage protocol of choice?