IBM Announces Ambitious Distributed-to-Mainframe Consolidation Project

At $250 million over five years, the projected savings are real and substantial -- and the PR benefits, especially for System z, are even more important.

IBM Revamps Virtualization Tools

The updated Systems Director could be a hot ticket for many System p and System i customers.

The Summer’s First Blockbuster: IBM Unveils POWER6

IBM claims that its new System p p570 offers three times the performance of a comparable Superdome system from HP

PSI: The Newest Plug-Compatible Mainframe on the Block

PSI officials pledge to indemnify customers against liability and expect a return to normalcy -- post-litigation -- with Big Blue.

The New Bounce in Sun’s Step

From its chip strategy to its datacenter-in-a-box initiative, Sun has been reinvigorated

SOA, Better Value Driving System i Renaissance

Some industry watchers think Big Blue’s midrange workhorse might have finally turned a corner

Analysis: Intel, Sun Tie the Knot

After years of animosity, Intel and Sun have patched things up. Why? What’s the catch?

Mainframe Sales Drive Surging Server Market

Server revenues were way up in Q3, and IBM lucrative System z mainframes helped lead the charge

POWER6: Last of the Big-Time RISC Chips

With months to go before its launch, the industry’s already buzzing about POWER6, with good reason

System p, System i to Get Boost from Power 6

Late last month, Big Blue gave pundits a glimpse at Power 6, the next-generation RISC CMOS it expects to unveil next year

Analysis: A Closer Look at Sun’s Project Blackbox

Is Sun’s Blackbox a gimmick? Some analysts think there’s a lot more to it, but we’ll have to wait until it ships to be sure.

Oracle Plays Both Sides of the Mainframe/Distributed Divide

Regardless of whether customers opt for Linux-on-zSeries or choose to abandon the mainframe altogether, Oracle stands to benefit

Seagull’s BlueZone: Terminal Emulation with an SOA-Friendly Tip

Customers can service-enable terminal-based applications and effectively transform them into full-fledged SOA assets

IBM BladeCenter Changes Chip and Chassis

What do the PlayStation 3 and IBM’s next-generation blade system have in common? A single Cell, you might say.

State of the Mainframe, Part II: The Capacity Conundrum

Some mainframe pros say that next-generation workloads (such as zLinux and J2EE) point the way to false destinies

Sun Unveils Updated OS, New Services, Aggressive Chip Strategy

These days, Sun has a pronounced bounce in its step—enough to give many Solaris administrators that old late-1990’s feeling again

pSeries Grabs Performance Crown

A pSeries system anchored by IBM’s new Power5 processor obliterates the competition in a standard industry benchmark

Big Blue Introduces 64-way Systems

IBM says its new iSeries i595 and pSeries p595 systems are the largest and most powerful non-mainframe systems it has ever delivered

Sun Issues Mixed Message on Linux

Sun may be on a comeback, but its inability to articulate a Linux vision that’s all things to all people could continue to dog it

IBM zAAPs z/OS Upgrade with Speed, Improved Scalability

Big Blue also previews z/OS version 7, due out next year