August 1998


Referential Integrity for the Data Warehouse Environment

The creation and enforcement of referential integrity - the practice of ensuring that relationships between rows of data exist and are used as they are defined - and especially bounded referential integrity give the user a feeling of confidence in the data and predefined relationships in completing complicated tasks.

The Hidden Costs of Enterprise Data Conversion

The right tools for the right job as the saying goes. The competitive edge goes to the company with the best information and the most-efficient processes for delivering it. But often lost in this mix is the price tag that accompanies the actual moving of legacy data from older to newer enterprise systems.

Supporting the Data Mining Process with Next Generation Data Mining Systems

As we move into the next stage of data mining, businesses see the need to automate more and more of the process, beginning with the collection and warehousing of the appropriate data and ending with the incorporation of the appropriate predictive model into operational systems.

Editorial: The Devil's in the Data

The status of data warehousing and ESJ's number one ranking among IT publications.

August Industry News

Amdahl's MSF for software cost management, NCR's Data Warehouse Performance Challenge, Best Practices in Enterprise Management Awards, ODBMS supports BEA M3TM OTM technology, Silicon Graphics unveils Cray SV1 series.

IBM "CICS" Java into High Gear

Netfinity, PC DOS 2000, IBM Suites for Windows NT, Symantec, Small Business Computer Telephony, Ready-to-Run R/3 for AS/400e.

Crossing CICS BRIDGES, Part II

In the conclusion of this two-part article, Carol Shanesy explores Receive and Send Commands, Mapping Inputs, ADS, Critical Restrictions, and Intercepts and Syncpoints.

Solid State Disk: A Business Case Develops in Data Warehousing

As solid state disks show signs of rebirth and growth, vendors and their integrators must identify what values SSD offers within the context of modern enterprise computing.

Data Warehousing Guidelines for DB2

The do's, do not's and the dare not's in data warehousing when designing, implementing and using a DB2-based data warehouse for OS/390.

Data Mart Delivery Architecture

The authors propose an enterprise architecture for delivering dependent data marts that will satisfy varying end user's DSS needs, and features the ability to allow the reuse of dimensions across the enterprise.

Y2K Compliance Testing and Verification

In the selection of a renovation tool set, an executive's ability to quantitatively recommend the "right" organization to support their renovation efforts and to make the "right" decision correctly, can have a major financial impact on the profitability/survivability of the business.