IT Management

E-mail Migration: Plans, Risks, Strategies Revealed in Report

Exchange 2010 is clearly the favorite solution for e-mail migrations, but the risks are clear. Even so, many enterprises aren't planning to conduct basic preventive measures such as data backup.

Why the Cloud Needs No Backup

With the cloud, it's backup without the actual backup.

Q&A: What You Need to Know About Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

What you need to know about moving to virtual desktops.

Trust in the Cloud is All About Transparency

Network-based application performance management may be just what service providers need to make the cloud ready for your mission-critical applications.

Cloud Computing in the Real World: 10 Steps to an Enterprise Cloud Strategy that Works the First Time

What can you do to ensure that your cloud computing plan is ready to go and will get the job done? These 10 steps will help.

IBM Platform Decisions HPC

With its recent acquisition of Platform Computing, IBM is betting on emerging demand for high-performance computing solutions.

Cisco and Citrix Join Forces for Desktop Virtualization

A new push by partners Cisco and Citrix might encourage IT organizations to take a serious look at desktop virtualization.

Four Best Practices for Asset Management

How to think about scope, virtualization, mobility, compliance, and distributed workforce in tracking equipment and applications.

Information Workforce Approaching "Mobile Majority"

Almost half of U.S. information workers already split time between home, office, or other locations

What Do the Watson Computer and Network Security Have in Common?

Are you still writing rules for old firewalls? Dealing with ports and protocols is no longer sufficient. Next-generation firewalls drill into traffic to identify the applications traversing the network, and automation can help you build and manage the rules you need to exploit this technology.

Optimizing and Accelerating the Cloud

Does moving to the cloud mean you give up control of your application's performance?

Six Steps to Overcoming Resistance to ERP in Government

Organizational change management and benefits realization can help to reduce risk in ERP implementations. These steps can help your ERP project succeed.

4 New Principles of Change Management

IT can evolve gradually to cloud-scale patch and update management. You can prepare for the future and still make things better today by applying these four principles.

Are Private Clouds More than Just Vapor?

Cloud is a big, fluffy subject. We get a firm handle on the subject by looking at three specific cloud use cases.

A New Option for Getting Data In and Out of Mainframes

IBM and Oracle aren't the only games in town when it comes to getting data into -- and out of -- mainframe environments.

6 Keys to Maximizing Your Virtualization Investment

VMware’s Rob Juncker offers a strategy for safe and effective virtualization: strong governance and even stronger IT architecture.

Q&A: Cloud Integration in Health-Care Organizations

We examine the special challenges and best practices of integrating cloud technology in the health-care industry.

Cloud Computing Success: 11 Ways to Prevent Analysis Paralysis (Part 4 of 4)

Our final set of recommendations for avoiding analysis paralysis in your cloud computing project.

Cloud Computing in the Real World: 3 Best Practices for Capacity Management

How performance management issues change -- and remain the same -- in the new world of cloud computing.

Survey Says: Mainframe Revival Has Legs

New workloads account for almost one-third of MIPS growth, and mainframers are as optimistic as ever about the future of Big Iron.