Q&A: What CIOs Must Understand about Public and Private Clouds and PaaS

What should a CIO consider when moving to Paas? What criteria should the CIO use, and what misconceptions about the cloud must be overcome?

Avatier Introduces Group Management Solution

Group Requester provides self-service request system for easier maintenance and control of groups and distribution lists.

Network Instruments Expands Insight into UC, Virtual, and Distributed Environments

Updated Observer Infrastructure integrates advanced flow technologies for app visibility across complex networks.

Compuware’s New Cloud Service Compares Web Site Performance

SpeedoftheWeb online service lets businesses compare the speed of their site to most-trafficked sites.

F5 Enhances Scalability, Security in DNS Services Suite

Solution improves overall performance, reduces costs for enterprise customers.

An Introduction to Deep Content Inspection

Traditional deep packet inspection may no longer be able to protect your environment. We look at a new approach -- deep content inspection.

Q&A: IT's Evolving Big Data Landscape

As the buzz over big data grows, what's changed in the last year? How has machine-generated data changed the way IT tackles big data?

5 Projects for Purging Data and Managing Long-Term Liability

These steps will help you begin building and executing a defensible deletion strategy.

IBM "Mobilizes" Business Content

IBM Content Navigator speeds access to big data on mobile devices.

Xsigo Data Center Fabric Line Upgrades Leading Open-Fabric Architecture

Vendor-neutral fabric improves software defined networking (SDN) management, supports five major hypervisors with 56 Gbps server-to-server connections.

Q&A: The Biggest Big Data Trends BI Professionals Need to Understand

Big data is changing the competitive dynamics of the BI industry. We explore how everything from sensor data to social media to mobile BI is changing the very nature of big data.

Q&A: Emerging Analytics: Integrating Big Data, Content Analytics, Search, and Collaboration into Your Analytical Environment

What’s driving big data analytics, and how can integrating search help BI professionals better work with the data?

Cirro Touts Big Data-Ready Analytic Platform

Don't know how to get started with your big data project? BI start-up Cirro claims to have just what you're looking for.

Tackling Today's Firewall Management Issues

Thanks to the ubiquity of firewalls, security administrators have no shortage of options and solutions. We examine the state of firewall management in today's data center.

Outsourcing Activity Showed Healthy Growth in 2011

Outsourcing activity grew by 7.8 percent last year, with Indian-based providers and cloud-based services reaping most of the benefit.

Top 5 Reasons To Use Load Balancers

Load balancers play a vital role in any organization where productivity must remain high. Here are five reasons you need to put a load balancer to work in your environment.

The Network’s Role in Securing Cyberspace

No single technology can enable a fully secure network. The three-layer model we present can guide your organization in making key improvements to your network security.

Making Big Data Useful with BPM

Nothing can stop the deluge of data, so IT must be savvy and implement solutions that target critical business processes and have the technology to successfully parse and engage with meaningful data sets to stay competitive.

Voltage Extends E-mail Encryption on iOS Devices, Android Phones

Easy-to use e-mail encryption now available on leading mobile devices to encrypt to virtually anyone, anywhere.