Top 3 Trends in Developer Testing

How should developers cope with software eating the world?

Q&A: Making the Move to HTML5

What are the benefits of HTML5 to your organization, and what skills will you need to make the transition a success?

The New Meaning of Software Quality

Building software faster doesn't mean the software is better. What your IT organization may need is an agile quality process.

8 Principles of Better Unit Testing

Writing good, robust unit tests is not hard -- it just takes a little practice. These pointers will help you write better unit tests.

Q&A: Developing Mobile Apps at Drexel University

How a team of five university students developed a cross-platform, mobile, real-time app for managing presentations with no mobile development training.

Going Mobile: Introducing Your Mainframe to Modern Tools

With the proper process controls, you can now allow access for any class of device and "future proof" yourself from what comes next.

Commentary: Survey of Agile in the Real World Confounds

A pair of analysts surveyed how enterprises are using an agile methodology. The facts are interesting; their analysis is downright foolish.

Q&A: Akka 101

What makes Akka so valuable for building today’s distributed applications?

Improve New App Implementation Using Your Old Environment

By proactively managing new technology implementations and fully understanding the old IT environment, your organization can meet end-user expectations faster while managing the overall impact to your network.

Has the Usability Revolution Left Enterprise Software Behind?

Three steps every product manager can take right now to overcome roadblocks to user-friendly software design.

Open Source Application Development Breaks on Through

A majority of companies are standardizing on open source for their application development efforts, though they might not be effectively monitoring their use of open source.

Q&A: An Introduction to the Scala Programming Language

We explore what the Scala programming language can do for your organization with the language’s inventor.

Q&A: Can Developers and Admins Co-exist and Improve the Enterprise?

Can the gulf between development and operations be bridged?

4 New Principles of Change Management

IT can evolve gradually to cloud-scale patch and update management. You can prepare for the future and still make things better today by applying these four principles.

Visual Studio 11's Agile IDE

Microsoft's Build conference wasn't just focused on Windows 8. Agile software development and ALM also earned their place in the spotlight.

Cloud Computing Success: 11 Ways to Prevent Analysis Paralysis (Part 4 of 4)

Our final set of recommendations for avoiding analysis paralysis in your cloud computing project.

CA Solution Targets COBOL Application Performance

If your COBOL application isn't broken, it probably hasn't been Web-enabled.

Q&A: Evaluating Risk for Project Success

How enterprises and software developers can evaluate and manage risk to ensure project success.

Cloud Computing Success: 11 Ways to Prevent Analysis Paralysis (Part 3 of 4)

Why analysis is an absolute necessity for you to succeed at implementing your cloud computing solution.

Cloud Computing Success: 11 Ways to Prevent Analysis Paralysis (Part 2 of 4)

From becoming a more effective system analyst to understanding the cloud computing stack, we continue our series with advice to help you achieve your goals and avoid the paralysis of analysis in your cloud computing project.