Security: Data Protection

Removing the Risks of SSL -- Part 2 of 2

To address the security risks of SSL, we look at how transparent SSL proxies work and how they are used in enterprises today.

Removing the Risks of SSL -- Part 1 of 2

Despite its name, Secure Sockets Layer isn't totally secure. We explain the risks that arise from increased use of SSL within enterprise networks.

The Security Risks of Enterprise Search

We expose five security risks introduced by enterprise search and explain how you can protect your enterprise from these vulnerabilities.

E-mail Attachments: Misperceptions That Can Compromise Security

Organizations may be under several misunderstandings about the safety of their e-mail attachments. We explore the risks and corrective action IT can take to reduce the vulnerabilities.

A Desktop Operating System Security Report Card

A prominent security firm says that the security features of both Windows 7 and Mac OS aren't quite up to snuff.

Security Tops IT's Concerns, Symantec Study Finds

Global study of security personnel identifies goals, points out risks and staffing issues

Enterprise Applications in the Cloud: A SaaS Security Perspective

The security challenges and mitigation strategies to help you migrate your enterprise applications to the cloud while ensuring your data’s safety.

Q&A: Assessing Cybersecurity's Past, Planning for the Future

Where is cybersecurity headed? We look at how regulation, social networking, and popular technologies (such as cloud computing) will impact your enterprise’s security management.

The Sleeper Cellular Issue

IT organizations are highly exposed to security breaches through their information worker's mobile devices.

Security Focus in 2010: Internal Threats, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Devices

CA’s chief security architect discusses the three key areas for security professional’s attention this year.

The Enterprise's Achilles' Heel: Cellular Security

IT shops aren't doing enough to secure their cellular communications. This leaves them wide open to attack. The stakes are high -- and likely to get even higher.

Security: The Year in Review

Compared to other market segments, the security space was a relative safe harbor in a year of economic turbulence.

A Better Method to Contextually Protect Data

A new solution to data security is predicated on -- and anticipates -- human behavior by embedding corporate policies into documents and images.

Q&A: Encrypting Flash and Solid State Memory Devices

How self-encryption works to secure data on flash and SSD drives.

Q&A: Why Strong User IDs and Passwords are Weak Security Measures

Why a username and password are no longer adequate to protect your enterprise's assets.

Outsourcing's Impact on Network Security Still Uncertain

Despite IT pros' concerns about outsourcing's net effect on network security, the true impact is still unclear.

Q&A: Staying Ahead of Network Security Issues

Where should IT focus its attention in protecting network assets, what investments offer the best return, and how can IT to avoid common mistakes when developing its security strategy?

Five Best Practices for Mitigating Insider Breaches

These five best practices will help you reduce the risk of internal data misuse and accidental data leakage.

Are Financial Industry Security Administrators Losing the War?

In the online banking segment, some industry watchers warn, the bad guys are winning the war against unsuspecting account holders.

New Attacks Use Old Tricks

Attackers are unearthing old exploits -- in the case of the infamous CodeRed worm, extremely old exploits -- to wreak havoc on businesses and consumers.