Security: Data Protection

Hackers Using Time-Tested Methods, Not Fancy Technology

ID theft usually involves time-tested methods such as telephone fraud than blockbuster data breaches

Rogue Trader Highlights Need to Mind Your Controls

In an age of Sarbanes-Oxley and similar regulatory measures, how could a single rogue trader have racked up more than $7 billion in losses?

Enterprise Security: The Human Factor

Why organizations need to get serious about security awareness training

Protecting Your Enterprise from the Thriving Cyber Underground

Multiple, overlapping, and mutually supportive defensive systems and patched, up-to-date systems can help consumers and businesses take advantage of the Internet while avoiding its dangers.

Security in Review: Yesterday and Tomorrow

Will it be "same old, same old" in security for 2008?

Research Reveals Steps to Protect Sensitive Data

A new report from the IT Policy Compliance Group examined leaders and laggards to identify core competencies and steps to improve data protection.

Preventing NAC Attacks

Industry standards and trusted hardware keep out unauthorized users and equipment

CA Upgrades Security for z/OS

New versions more about people than features.

IPLocks Tackles Database Security

IPLocks takes a double play on securing databases. One analyst advises you look at your needs or you’ll strike out.

Oracle 11g, AppSecInc a Go?

Security isn’t a current stumbling block for Oracle 11g and Applications Security Inc. represents a breed plugging database security gaps

Securing Business File Transfers

Despite the security weaknesses of FTP, there are several approaches IT can take to use the protocol safely.

Database Auditing Gets Serious

Why database-auditing software is critical to protecting your company’s assets

Why PowerTech Group Wants to Update Your AS/400 Security Model

If you have an AS/400 or iSeries, PowerTech Group wants you to update your security model—and a recent study suggests you should pay close attention

Securent Middleware Moves Authorization Out of Individual Apps

Network access control—or entitlement control, as Securent calls it—is all about authentication, access, and authorization.

CA Updates Security Products for Enterprises Big and Small

Antivirus/antispyware package get upgrades while small and mid-size businesses get backup and migration tools

Moving Security to the Mainframe

Vanguard wants the mainframe to be the center of security

Novell Security Updates Focus on Flexibility, Integration

Versions offers more management, more integration, and more compliance

Why NAC Alone Is Not Enough

While a NAC solution blocks infected endpoints from entering the network, what happens when a connected PC becomes non-compliant?

Microsoft Forefront: Strictly Business

Microsoft doesn’t put enough edge into its security products, yet.

Planning for Pandemics and Other Disasters

In the second of our two-part series, Michigan’s CISO discusses planning for pandemics and other natural (and even man-made) disasters.