Security: Data Protection

Windows DNS Patch Strands ZoneAlarm Users

Microsoft officials warn of a problem that arises after users apply a DNS patch to Windows XP and 2000.

Compliance, New Threats Drive Security Spending

Enterprise security is an expensive proposition – one that's likely to get even more expensive as organizations take steps to protect themselves.

Firefox's Auto-Update is Model for Safer Browsing, Report Concludes

As attackers increasingly target browser flaws, the Firefox update scheme serves as a model for the industry

8 Best Practices for Encryption Key Management and Data Security

From centralization to support for standards, these encryption key management and data security best practices can help you protect your organization’s confidential data and comply with regulatory mandates.

Attacks Target Firefox 3.0 Web Browser

Firefox 3.0 release highlights the perils of information technology celebrity

Survey Says Insider Theft Tops CIO's Worry List

Why the threat of theft-from-within is keeping enterprise CIOs up at night

Federal Agencies Lag in Security Preparedness

When it comes to ensuring compliance with information security rules or best practices, a substantial minority of federal agencies still aren’t making the cut

Security's Future: Letting the Good Guys In

It may not be long before businesses differentiate themselves on the basis of security

Security: Batten Down the (IM) Hatches

IM attacks are on the rise, in part because organizations are deploying unified communications platforms without first hardening them against attacks

Web Attacks on the Rise; E-mail Attacks Decline

During the first three months of 2008, security researcher Sophos identified about 15,000 freshly infected Web pages every day

Bugs Are Up, Microsoft Security Report Says

Report, covering late 2007, found a 300 percent increase in Trojan bugs.

Oracle, Apple Issue Security Fixes

Microsoft isn't the only vendor issuing security "<em>mea culpa</em>"s lately. Oracle and Apple got into the action last week, too.

Why IT Must Act Now to Meet New PCI Data Security Standards

A bevy of vendors -- including most prominent services providers -- have announced new payment card industry-oriented services.

Trusted Web Sites Attract Malicious Activity, Symantec Report Reveals

The Global Internet Security Threat Report shows that as networks are more strongly protected, attackers have shifted tactics and targets.

Windows XP SP3: T-Minus Four Weeks and Counting?

Industry watchers speculate that the third service pack for Windows XP -- complete with security-related features -- could appear soon

Report Urges IT: It’s Time to Guard against the "Millennial" Threat

New IT consumers are more comfortable with, and knowledgeable about, technology, and that’s a problem

Grocery Chain’s Data Breach Extends Security Debate

Over 1,800 known cases of fraud result from data breach

Web 2.0 Pushes Need for Defensive Application Development

The Web 2.0 paradigm shift is fraught with both promise and danger

Trustworthy Computing: Examining Trust

Microsoft’s Trustworthy Academic Advisory Board has been keeping tabs on security issues -- external as well as internal -- that continue to challenge Microsoft’s developers. We take a look at the board, which is now five years old.

Laptop Security: Hackers Attack Encrypted Data on Chips

Sleeping laptops may be the next way hackers steal encrypted information