IT Still Facing Mobile Challenges

Neither iOS nor Android has been designed with enterprise security in mind. That makes securing them a challenging proposition.

5 Reasons to Replace Your Traditional One-Time Passwords

Millions rely on traditional one-time password tokens. Here’s why your organization may want to replace or augment this approach for perimeter security.

Spearphishing on the Rise

Attackers are reducing traditional mass-spam phishing campaigns in favor of targeted or spearphishing attacks.

Q&A: Best Practices for Avoiding Mobile Malware

Mobile devices are bombarded by direct attacks and those designed for any Web-connected device. We explain best practices for end users and best practices for IT that can protect against these attacks.

A New Approach to Mobile Encryption

Piecemeal efforts only resolve some threats while burdening IT resources. Enterprises need to take an entirely new perspective for managing mobile security.

New Malware Attacks Both PCs and Macs

Malware-makers have a powerful new tool: a spam bot that infects both PC and Mac platforms -- with support for Linux and iPad operating systems in the works.

Best Practices for Securing Private Keys and Code-Signing Certificates

Stuxnet, a high-profile cyberattack, used malware signed with legitimate code-signing certificates. What went wrong and how can you protect your own assets?

Q&A: Preventing Mobile Vulnerabilities

Best practices for keeping mobile devices safe.

Analysis: RSA SecurID Token Vulnerabilities Back in the Spotlight

The other shoe finally dropped in the case of the SecurID data breach at RSA. Could the fallout have been avoided?

Q&A: Wi-Fi Drives VPN Adoption at Swiss Insurer

Getting and staying connected was key to this Swiss insurance company, but Wi-Fi access meant it had to find a VPN solution.

Security Vulnerabilities Down but Still Strong

Although the frequency of security vulnerabilities continues to decline, vendors were still preoccupied with patching last year.

Q&A: Best Practices for Enterprise-Scale Identity and Access Management Systems

What is IAM and how can you make an IAM project a success?

Overcoming Security Pains in UNIX Environments

Getting a handle on UNIX vulnerabilities is no easy task.

Firewalls Get Failing Marks; Enterprise Security Flunking, Too

Why does IT pass the buck to other internal groups when it comes to safeguarding enterprise security?

How to Mitigate Smartphone Threats to Your Corporate Network

These tips can help you minimize mobile threats.

CA Courts SecurID Customers

Who said hardware authentication tokens are infallible? CA's new program contrasts the advantages of its software-based approach with RSA Security's hardware-based SecurID model.

Auditors, Employers at Odds Over Security

A new survey shows a disconnect between the security-first mentalities of auditors and the compliance-driven concerns of their employers.

Integrating Physical and Logical Access Control

Two security approaches, working in tandem, provide superior enterprise protection.

Slowly but Surely, IT Addresses Mobile Security Threats

Nine out of ten enterprises say they plan to invest in new endpoint security technologies to help them better manage mobile devices

How Mobile Computing, Not Windows Desktop, Will Transform Cybercrime

As mobile devices become more ubiquitous, they and not the Windows desktop will become Ground Zero for attacks and exploits.