Hiring Plans Remain Steady Despite Positive Company Growth Expectations

Things look good but not great for IT job seekers, at least for the next few months.

Auditors, Employers at Odds Over Security

A new survey shows a disconnect between the security-first mentalities of auditors and the compliance-driven concerns of their employers.

Last Call for IPv4

It's time to start planning your transition to IPv6.

Blade Server Demand Driving High-Density Zones

High-density zones strike a balance between the power and cooling requirements of different kinds of data center assets. The rub, of course, is that they'll cost you.

Slowly but Surely, IT Addresses Mobile Security Threats

Nine out of ten enterprises say they plan to invest in new endpoint security technologies to help them better manage mobile devices

Making Your Data Center Energy Efficient, One PUE at a Time

After all, if your company doesn't know what data center components waste energy, how can you change it?

Using Social Technologies to Streamline Internal IT Operations

Social technologies are now an essential tool for bolstering internal IT services and communications. We explain how to get started with this powerful, new approach to IT collaboration and support.

How Mobile Computing, Not Windows Desktop, Will Transform Cybercrime

As mobile devices become more ubiquitous, they and not the Windows desktop will become Ground Zero for attacks and exploits.

How to Secure Data in the Cloud and Beyond

Next-generation tokenization has the potential to help businesses protect sensitive data in the cloud in a more efficient and scalable manner than encryption and first-generation tokenization.

Next-Gen Solutions for Your Mobile Workforce

This year could be a tipping point for enterprise mobile applications.

Bright, Shiny Things for Storage Managers

The tools for building a strategic storage infrastructure are available to intelligent consumers.

How Continuous Monitoring Can Help Financial Services Firms Avoid Cyber Attacks

Follow these steps to achieve comprehensive visibility. They aren’t easy but they are necessary.

DDoS Unbound

DDoS attacks are bigger and more frequent than ever, and a lack of insight into IPv6 security is particularly worrisome.

Careers: IT Jobs -- A Safe Harbor of a Sort

With contract and services work all the rage, recruiting, retaining, or promoting full-time employees isn’t a high priority for most IT organizations at this time.

Big-Iron Brouhaha: System z Sales Soar

System z is back! Sales surged by almost 70 percent during z Enterprise's first quarter of availability, while MIPS capacity increased by almost 60 percent.

Avoiding Common SOA Pitfalls

Knowing common SOA pitfalls is the first step to avoiding them. The authors of "100 SOA Questions Asked and Answered" point out how SOA governance teams and application teams can avoid these traps.

The Emerging Crimeware Market

The availability and sophistication of crimeware kits has contributed to the rapid evolution -- as well as the increasing sophistication -- of cybercrime itself.

Web Data Centers: Big QoS and TCO Opportunities Require Innovation

Realizing the potential benefits for large-scale service deployments presents difficult challenges. We discuss these opportunities and challenges and recommend solutions.

Starting 2011: Hot Air and Hotter Storage

Are most of the announcements around hot storage innovations lately anything beyond hot air? Our storage analyst, Jon Toigo, finds one bright spot.

Careers: As the World Outsources

India faces pressure from both Eastern European outsourcing destinations and a new crop of scrappy Asia-Pacific upstarts.