Unisys' Updates to Libra, Dorado Lines Keep Mainframes Vibrant

Specialty engines and a new virtualization facility are keeping Unisys mainframes in the spotlight and customers interested.

Q&A: Addressing Desktop Virtualization Challenges

How to cut the cost of desktop virtualization

HP's Just Right IT Targets Neglected Market

Although efforts to reach the "neglected" or "untapped" mid-market shops are nothing new, HP's Just Right IT seems to have most of its ducks in a row.

Accelerating Desktop Virtualization Deployments

Given all the buzz about desktop virtualization, is the technology right for you? What's holding up adoption, and what should you know before you embrace the technology?

Backup/Recovery Best Practices for Virtualized Environments

Virtualization’s great promise may be compromised if virtual machines can't be easily recovered.

Getting Smarter about Storage (Part 1 of 3)

Our storage analyst, Jon Toigo, explores a model that, if fully realized, would be light years ahead of what your favorite hardware vendors call "smart storage" today.

Q&A: Avoiding VM Stall

What gets in the way of managing and controlling your virtual environment effectively, and what best practices can you use to avoid VM stall?

Microsoft Lays Out "Open Cloud" Vision

Microsoft used the occasion of the open source conference last month to advance its vision of an open cloud by breaking it down into four basic principles.

Securing Multi-Tenancy and Cloud Computing

How to ensure security is part of the cloud adoption strategy.

Q&A: Virtualization 2.0

Where virtualization is headed, and what problems (and solutions) lie ahead for IT.

Capacity Planning in a Virtual Environment: A New Approach for an Old Problem

More proactive capacity planning can get IT closer to a fully virtualized data center.

VMWare and Novell Ally for Virtualization

The VMWare-Novell pact looks like a coup for both companies.

F5 Networks Bolsters Virtual Server Management

Leading provider of application delivery networking devices announces integration with Microsoft System Center

Security Blindsided by Virtualization

When it comes to securing the increasingly virtualized systems of the 21st century, IT seems to be stuck in 20th-century mode.

Xangati Survey Reveals Operational Issues Slowing Server Virtualization Growth

Uncooperative application owners, low confidence in virtualization management tools cited for slow growth

Reports Confirm Virtualization's Growing Popularity

No one seems to know just how pervasive virtualization is, but everybody seems to agree that at some point -- perhaps very soon – it' will be ubiquitous.

Client Virtualization: The Next Frontier

How to improve laptop management and the benefits of hosted virtual desktops.

IT Bets Big on Blade Servers

IT chiefs are increasingly deploying blades in strategic roles. In addition, blades -- more than any other server kit -- have emerged as hotbeds of virtualization.

Securing a Virtualized E-mail System

The optimal solution for most companies looking to lower the operating expenses associated with an e-mail environment through virtualization is to deploy a hybrid approach.

Q&A: Server Virtualization and Storage

Virtualization is so radically different from physical computing that entirely new approaches to storage are required. So why aren’t vendors keeping up?