August 1999


Software Links Supply Chain with SAP ERP at Scientific-Atlanta

Detroit Diesel-Allison Revs its Engines

Integrating CORBA

Information is a perishable item. To stay competitive, companies must be able to make application changes quickly and cost-effectively by leveraging exisiting mainframe applications.

August Inside IBM

Safety in Cyberspace: Planning Effective Web-to-Host Access Security

There is a revolution happening in the enterprise -- sharing core data is becoming a prerequisite for successful business activities in the new electronic economy.

SNA over IP: The Best of Both Worlds

Whether you choose Data Link Switching or Enterprise Extender, adopting an SNA over IP solution offers you the chance to pump up your e-business strategy, reduce the costs of your IT department and increase the profits of your business units.

August Industry News

Web to Host Connections: The Great Outward Migration Commences

Drill Down: From the Experts...

Holland America’s New Fax Technology Helps Prepare for Smooth Sailing

A Good Dental Plan: Imperial Technology Solutions Uses HostFront Publishing to Provide Heathcare E-Business Solution

Delta Dental gets a new online verification sytem for its patients, while becoming a revolutionary in the healthcare industry.

Java Migrates Legacy to the Web

Changing business needs and technological advancements are prompting many companies to migrate their legacy applications to the Web. Java offers a cost-effective and flexible solution.

Legacy Migration: Architecture, Platform, or Both?

With many enterprises having spent millions of dollars to remediate legacy applications for Y2K, it is clear that legacy applications are here to stay. Tools and technologies now exist to extend these applications into the e-business world, while re-platforming them onto powerful, but low cost Unix or NT servers.

A Case for Migration

Bringing Your Network Up to Speed: Using Network Arrays to Improve Performance and Availability of Fast Ethernet, Token-Ring and FDDI Networks

With data centers expected to be running 100 percent of the time, network arrays are a must to improve peroformance and availability of fast ethernet, token-ring and FDDI networks.

Alaska National Insurance Company Anchors their System in the 21st Century

United Signature Foods Improves Enterprise Performance

Integrating Screen-Based Apps with the Web

With widespread recognition of the value that Web technology can provide, there is a tremendous pull on expanding its use. When integrating host access in this dynamic environment, the ability to prioritize, maintain flexibility and support HTML directly is crucial.

Happily Ever After: Reducing the Risk When Migrating IBM-Centric Businesses to the Web

"E-COBOL," the marriage of COBOL-based programming and e-commerce, gives COBOL-trained companies a chance to enter the ever-expanding market of e-business with as little difficulty as possible.

Editorial: E-Whippings?

The EAI Challenge

When addressing the challenge of delivering enterprisewide applications, the combination of generations of components has brought about a new model for delivering strategic applications -- the integration-centric model.

August Humor

Migrating a Legacy of Tradition: Seagram Americas Migrates to Client/Server with Help from UNICON Conversion Technologies

With their hands in everything from spirits and wine, to music and film entertainment, industry icon Seagram moves their mainframe applications in their entirety to a new platform, so that each business in their North American operation can maintain autonomy.