June 1999


Y2K World Status Update

This special report from the GartnerGroup measures Year 2000 compliance efforts across the globe, with a special focus on the mainframe user.

The Enterprise Strikes Back

It is a period of corporate technology wars. The potentially fatal takeover of all software and hardware that shapes the essence of professional and personal life threatens us all. It is up to a select group of rebel Millennium Experts to save The Enterprise. But time is running out.

June Industry News

Ask the Right Questions: How to Identify the Weak Links in the Supply Chain

In today’s production market, everyone is dependent on each other. With the year 2000 drawing nearer every day, suppliers, distributors and customers must ensure their Y2K-compliancy, or many may pay for the sins of one.

Productivity Measurement Across the Enterprise

Productivity measurement is an issue that is on everyone’s plate. Only a concentrated effort throughout an organization will yield any noticeable improvements. Companies must avoid the path of expecting unplanned overtime to achieve productivity goals in order to succeed.

Euro Change: Getting in Touch with the Euro via the Web

Tracing MVS COBOL: The Management of Application Failure Recovery in the Production Environment

Calculating the cost of downtime is often a frightening wake up call to the business bottom line. And while the average ABEND recovery time costs up to five hours of work, executives should be advocating more efficient, proactive solutions.

Help For the Helper

Y2K: Where Should Companies Be?

At this point in the game, it’s crunch time. These 21 points addressed by organizations that are completing their Year 2000 programs will let you know where you rank in the league.

Year 2000 Desktop Action Plan

The sinking feeling you had when you realized that the Year 2000 was a real threat may be back -- because if you didn’t include your desktop computers in your efforts to comply with Y2K, resting will not be an option. However, there are some things you can do between now and the end of December to minimize the impact of the Year 2000 on the desktop. And here’s an action plan that will help.

Editorial: Y2 Bother?

Nirvana Revisited: Data Access in a Heterogeneous Environment

As enterprises grow, the need for cross-platform application testing and Web-based data migration becomes more urgent. Identifying issues associated with information management and coordination is the first step to the inner peace associated with attaining data Nirvana.

Countdown to Year 2000: Ride the Comet's Tail

Drill Down: Who Wrote the Books for DW?

Response Time

Innovation Outsourcing: Driving Transition Through Partnerships

Innovation outsourcing links efficiency with costs, while establishing and promoting outsourcing as an integral part of a company’s business.