May 1999


Data Mining Growth Reflects Strategic Mission

IDC predicts a 23 percent annual growth in the data warehousing tools market. This article presents strategies in data mining, developed by IBM and SAS Institute, as well as up-and-comers NeoVista Software and HNC Software.

Editorial: I Own You, You Own Me.

Cross-Platform Information Sharing

Heralded as the “Holy Grail of IT,” cross-platform information sharing actually has more to do with the security, integration and transaction of the data and less to do with simply providing users with common access.

Enterprise Storage Battle Shifts to Storage Managment, SANs

In the battle for the hearts and IT budgets of enterprise users, storage vendors are moving beyond the issue of sheer capacity to the more compelling value propositions of storage management and storage area networks.

A Case for Dynamically Allocated Memory

The theoretical and the real advantages and techniques of using dynamic allocation are discussed.

May Inside IBM

Netfinity Certified for 8-Node Configs on Oracle8i, IBM/EMC’s New Alliance, Driving EAI Standards, Single-Vendor Networking Solution, Global File Sharing.


Enterprise Application Integration: Building an Infrastructure to Support Rapid Business Change

With a strategic enterprise application integration infrastructure in place, organizations can finally get a comprehensive look at their corporate data – both operational and informational – across all applications, databases and systems, from legacy to ERP.

Drill Down: Are EIPs the Next BIG THING?

Countdown to Year 2000: What You See, Is What You Get!

Going Mobile: Mobile Agents Drive Home the Next Generation of Middleware?

By giving “wheels” to conventional middleware, mobile agents have created a new class of intelligent, self-directed agents able to remotely execute processors at the data source and feed information to users. Even better, they manage to do it while reducing network overhead.

May Industry News

CA to Acquire PLATINUM technology, Compaq and Polaris Partnership Improves SNA Traffic Patterns, Web-Hosted Y2K Analysis, SAP–RS/6000 Performance Plan, TrackIT.

Productivity Ain’t Cheap: Exploring the Hidden Costs of Data Warehousing

How to avoid those expenses that seem to sneak up on you before, during and after completion of your data warehousing project are examined.

Mellon Banks on Mining

Mellon Bank looks to enhance its complex customer service relationships through IBM’s Intelligent Miner for Data.

New Imperative for Business Intelligence

While many large companies began installing enterprise resource planning systems several years ago, the push for Y2K systems remediation, combined with the cost-effectiveness of shared information over the Internet has prompted smaller companies to begin building their own. This growing interest has vendors rushing to find their niche.

The Enemies Within: Building a Multi-Layered System Security

Today’s trend toward enterprisewide information sharing has network administrators scrambling to “build a better mousetrap.” This solution presents blueprints for building a seven-layer security system within your own network neighborhood.

Be Prepared: How to Deal with the Suprises That Are Going to Happen to Your Data Warehouse Project

Suprise! You thought that your little warehousing project was going to move along without a hitch. Well, guess again.

Data Profiling: The First Step in Creating a Data Warehouse

No matter what form of data conversion project your organization is involved in, the methods can be time-consuming and a little risky. But one thing is for certain: The critical first step in data migration is data profiling.

Business Metadata: The End Users’ Roadmap Through the Data Warehouse

As an organization’s data warehouse grows and changes, managing the volumes of data stored in the warehouse becomes increasingly complex, paving the way for metadata and metadata management