Business Intelligence

Q&A: Tackling Today's Data Integration Issues

How to get to the root of ETL and data integration issues.

Q&A: Integrating Social Media and BI

We explore the benefits and drawbacks of integrating data from social media with your existing BI investment.

10 Simple Rules for Managing Next-Gen DI

TDWI Research's Philip Russom offers commonsense rules for handling the next generation of data integration.

Crime Data Analysis Helps Swedish Police

Using analytic software to greatly accelerate the process, Swedish police analyzed years of crime reports and found links that helped them arrest a serial shooting suspect who was terrorizing the area.

7 Tips for Working with Data Analysts

Seven tips to help your data analyst give you the best insights from your data.

3 Fundamental Principles for BI Success

Amid all the hype, three core principles will help ensure your success with a data warehouse.

TDWI Conference Recap: Hyper BI Isn't Hyperbole

TDWI's recent World Conference made the case that change is inherent in BI and DW. BI pros are going to have to accommodate event processing. It's all part of the ongoing transition to Hyper business intelligence.

Q&A: BI and Cloud Computing

Why the impact of cloud BI is unavoidable.

Q&A: Try a "Non-invasive" Approach to Data Governance

The path to data governance starts with small steps.

Five Key Trends Driving the Future of BI

What’s ahead for BI? We offer five trends happening now that are irreversible and have substantial implications for BI.

It Takes Two: Microsoft's DW Market Strategy Explained

Microsoft sees a bifurcated data warehousing market, with Fast Track SQL Server on the low end and SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse at the top.

BI for the Masses, iPad Style

An overwhelming majority of organizations believe mobile BI will play an important -- perhaps even critical -- role in their information futures.

How Better Prototyping Can Improve BI

BI projects are expensive, time-consuming, and risky. Advanced prototyping can bring IT and business users together.

Good Data Governance Finally Taking Hold

Enterprises finally seem serious about grappling with what makes for good data governance.

Analysts in Action: Getting Analytics Off the Test Track

Business intelligence vendors still seem to run on a test track while users just want to get on the road with data.

Designing Parallelism into the Data Integration Models

How data integration developers can include parallelism into data integration models.

11 Big-Data Analytics Predictions for 2011

In 2010 we learned that big data doesn’t mean big insights. What will we learn this year?

Why Agile BI Needs an Agile Architecture

To react quickly to a changing regulatory environment, BI projects need a flexible and robust -- and agile -- underlying architecture.

A Prescription for Public-Sector Big Data Woes

Instead of just reporting on data, shops should be exploring their data. This is particularly true in government, where very large data sets can benefit from cutting-edge visual data exploration technologies.

From the BI Scorecard Blog: BI Licensing and Lawsuits—A Sure Sign of Failure

Buyers must beware, and vendors must simplify their licenses.