Business Intelligence

SyncSort Doubles-Down on High-Performance ETL

Performance is a major component of SyncSort's ETL 2.0 push.

How the iPad Experience Will Change the Face of BI

The iPad-like user experience promises to wholly transform the way information is presented and consumed in the enterprise. To their collective credit, many BI players get this. Why they get it is another matter.

BI Not Meeting Needs of Marketers and Merchandisers, Survey Finds

E-commerce workers can't get the answers they need quickly enough; integration still a headache.

6 Conditions for the Rise of Business Analysts

The lack of well-qualified business analysts dampens the value of data. A Stanford University professor has found keys to help.

Data Integration Goes 3D

What is Wherescape 3D and why is it free? One industry watcher say it's unlike anything he's aware of in the market.

Informatica and the Power of Data Virtualization

From Informatica's viewpoint, being realistic about data virtualization shouldn't mean adjusting -- or curbing-- your expectations of what the technology can do.

Why All-in-One Platforms are a Data Warehouse Dinosaur

If a single, combined platform for transaction processing and analytics is a bad idea, isn't it likewise a bad idea to champion a single DW platform for the wild profusion of analytic workloads? Netezza, an IBM Company, thinks so.

Q&A: New Approaches for Tackling Big Data Security Issues

Data management expert David Loshin and security expert Wasim Ahmad discuss security threats to big data, and how encryption can protect data as it moves about the enterprise. Second in a two-part series on security.

Self-Service Business Intelligence: Empowering Users to Generate Insights

Learn four key self-service BI objectives and which information workers will benefit most from such environments.

Kognitio Regroups, Refocuses

Kognitio says it has two things going for it as it prepares to tackle Wall Street: a next-gen spin on OLAP and WX2, its Big Data, in-memory DBMS.

Building for Yesterday's Future

Are we building new information delivery systems for a future that isn't there?

Six Principles for Making Collaboration Work

Collaboration happens. The only remaining question is how well it happens and what value your tools add.

Q&A: The Changing Data Security Landscape (Part 1 of 2)

A data management expert and a security expert discuss issues created by the increasing sophistication of data thieves, and the lack of adequate attention to security among data managers. First in a two-part series.

Upstarts Shine at TDWI's San Diego World Conference

There's a lot of excitement in the BI space in spite of all of the megavendor consolidation. We examine three new offerings.

Q&A: Web 2.0 Functions Boost BI’s Power

Bringing search and Web 2.0 into next-generation BI improves user access and the decision-making process.

Teradata is Thinking Big

With its forthcoming Teradata v14 release, Teradata is going columnar, and that's just for starters.

MicroStrategy, Tibco Go Social

Two business intelligence vendors are taking on an increasingly social aspect.

BI Basics Still Lead Advanced Analytics Solutions

Demand for traditional end-user query, reporting, and analysis technologies outpaces demand for advanced analytic technologies. And the gap is growing.

The Elusive Definition of Agile Analytics

It's about time for an authentic definition of "agile analytics" based on analysts' understanding.

BI Case Study: Hospitality Firm Cleans Up with BI

A small vacation property-management company in the famed Outer Banks of North Carolina brings in analytics software to maintain its high standard of customer service -- and to stay competitive against national chains.