Business Intelligence

How to Reduce Your BI Platform Costs

Streamline BI admin costs to save money, but don’t forget to keep the pressure on your software vendors, too.

Best Practices for Measuring and Improving Data Quality

This pair of modern techniques will help you succeed in your enterprise data quality initiative.

Analytics, DBMS News Offer Fresh Insight into Vertica

A pair of recent announcements offers fresh -- and refreshing -- insight into the new Vertica four months after its acquisition by HP.

Predixion Wants to Make Data Mining Easier, More Pervasive

Predixion proposes to take data mining -- long the province of statisticians and complex predictive models -- and make it pervasive.

Strategy Companion, SwitftKnowledge Extend Microsoft BI

What's it take to be a Microsoft-centric BI player? It may be a matter of picking up where Redmond leaves off.

TDWI Report Examines Data Warehousing and Private Clouds

It's time to consider data warehousing in the clouds as a viable option.

10 Traits of Top Business Analysts

When you recruit business analysts, what traits should you look for?

Where Does Agile DW/BI Get Its Speed?

We explore three aspects of agile that form a synergy that doubles a team's development velocity.

The Rise of Data Integration Storefronts

DI storefronts provide a context in which ISVs, partners, or developers can list assets or solutions. They should be of some help to customers, too.

Q&A: Survey Highlights Data Governance Best Practices

Data governance survey shows what works, what doesn't.

Agile Data Modeling: Evolving Toward Excellence

Agile data modeling calls for a new set of practices that enable the safe evolution of models, even those in production.

Q&A: How True Virtualization Addresses Data Integration Issues

Optimizing data integration is key to successful business intelligence.

BI at Center of Information-driven Initiatives, Gartner Reports

BI is both sexy and mainstream: last year, spending on BI increased at a double-digit rate, easily outpacing spending in other IT areas.

Information Foraging and the Changing Face of BI

Even if users are getting poor results out of their existing business intelligence (BI) tool, why might they prefer to stay put, and how does the next wave of BI interfaces propose to change things?

Survey Reveals the Staying Power of Homegrown Data Integration Tools

Studies have consistently highlighted the persistence of hand-coded DI. Why won't homegrown DI go away?

"Googlizing" BI with Search-Based Applications

Unstructured data holds essential business insights. How can you get to that insight?

BI and DI Challenges Loom, Worrying Analysts

Data integration needs are shifting, but vendors, many content with their market share and revenues, simply aren't keeping up with the needs imposed by new data types.

The Case for Data Virtualization (Revisited)

At some point, advocates argue, data management diehards are going to have to come to terms with something very much like virtualization.

Six Myths about Data Analysts

The growing importance of data analysts in business has brought along a few mistaken beliefs about them.