Business Intelligence

An Open Letter to Santa: Thinking about BI “Subjects”

Today’s integrated tools can analyze data, execute business rules, and move data. What’s needed are tools that don’t work on the record level but rather examine “subjects.”

Q&A: Lack of Data Background, Quality Can Hold Back Business

Too many business executives lack not only good data, but an understanding of the data’s origination and history.

6 Surprises On My Way from Data to Analysis

What do you do when you have data but insufficient data analysis skills? You find a guide -- and surprises as a result.

Mobile BI: 2011 Trends and 2012 Directions

This year we’ve seen the emergence of HTML5 and the popularity of tablets. What will 2012 bring to the BI mobility market?

Integrating Canonical Message Models and Enterprise Data Models (Part 3 of 3)

Although an enterprise data model (EDM) can be used to facilitate messaging (as described in Part 2 of this series), this way of using an EDM does not achieve the same results that would be achieved by using the EDM to instantiate databases.

From the BI Scorecard: Impactful BI Remains Elusive for Many

While the economy struggles, demand for BI experts and software shows robust growth -- yet BI adoption has been flat. We explore this and other findings from a new survey by Cindi Howson.

A 4-Phase Approach to Socializing Business Analytics

How your BI team can communicate your focus on delivering solutions rather than the use of tools and technology.

Data Virtualization is Far from a Pipedream

Bank of America, Comcast, and other shops are using data virtualization to support applications, services, and initiatives.

Q&A: Making the Move to Better Data Governance

Data governance expert David Loshin discusses ways to embed data governance practices into systems to institutionalize good practices while working to eradicate bad ones.

Q&A: Managing the Risks of Offshore Data Warehousing

Moving a data warehouse offshore can bring significant cost savings, but such a move introduces elements of risk that must be managed.

From the BI Scorecard: Tableau Launches Version 7, Challenges Old School BI

News from Tableau’s recent user conference, including the company’s CEO discussion of how Seattle Children’s Hospital uses Tableau to improve care and reduce costs.

How Continuous Transaction Monitoring Uses Targeted Analytics to Prevent Fraud

How to stop fraud, strengthen controls and improve business processes by finding and fixing root causes behind improper transactions in real time.

Integrating Canonical Message Models and Enterprise Data Models (Part 2 of 3)

How an enterprise data model is used to "facilitate messaging" and the benefits of using it that way.

Integrating Canonical Message Models and Enterprise Data Models (Part 1 of 3)

The enterprise data model (EDM) has failed. We explore a new way of using EDMs -- one in which an EDM can more directly affect the management of data than as merely a paper reference model.

Q&A: Governance Challenges of Unstructured Data

The growth of unstructured data presents special data governance challenges, but it can be managed as can other challenges around data governance.

QlikView Update Gets an Enterprise-Oriented Makeover

QlikView never pitched itself as an enterprise BI platform. With the new QlikView 11, it’s doing just that.

GIS Enriches Data, Enhances Decision Making

GIS information can enrich internal data, improve business processes or enhance decision making. So why aren’t you using it?

Q&A: How to Achieve Master Data Management Success

MDM and governance go hand in hand, but how do you know if your MDM approach is working, especially in light of Big Data and social media?

BI Unplugged -- Enabling Unprecedented Information Access

Mobility promises to enable unprecedented access to information -- in a highly-interactive, visually compelling context, to boot.

SyncSort Doubles-Down on High-Performance ETL

Performance is a major component of SyncSort's ETL 2.0 push.