Big Blue Rolls out Regatta

IBM Corp. introduced a new server last week that features two processors integrated into the same package. Big Blue believes the server offers users an ideal combination of low price and high performance.

Golden Touch

In an outlandish and swanky annual ceremony said to rival the Oscars, The International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences makes an effort to recognize the best of the Web. Despite their tone, the Webbies aren't all fun and frolic.

Senate Mobilizes Politicos

Republicans just might have an IT edge in Washington—wireless e-computing technology that lets senators and staff check on the latest developments via PDA.

Web Services the Microsoft Way

With .NET, Microsoft offers perhaps the most comprehensive Web services product announced so far. But what is it really, and what might be its impact on your enterprise?

For Oracle, Web Services Is Old Hat

Oracle has thrown a lot of weight behind XML and J2EE, and it continues to add support for SOAP and WSDL. But according to John Magee, senior director of Oracle9i marketing, UDDI is another issue.

NOAA Calls for Clear Skies

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration sought to accelerate sluggish supercomputer performance. Using Linux, the weather research speeds are now scorching.

The Microsoft Makeover

I don’t know about you, but I was surprised when Microsoft Corp. leapt into the Web services fray with such apparent gusto. My initial surprise quickly gave way to outright bewilderment, however, when I...

To the DAT Cave!

It was a dark and stormy night. At a secret conference room hidden in the jagged rock face of a remote mountaintop, members of the powerful-yet-shadowy industry consortium, the Engineers of Accelerated Total Depletion of Information Storage Components (EATDISC), formulated the next steps in their Master Plan for global domination of IT spending.

Trim the IT Budget

With the economy still cooling off and corporate profits well on their peaks, dollars for infrastructure improvements can be hard to come by.

Ask the Right Questions

Business intelligence is really about answering questions, not about providing better information. To get started, you should ask four questions about any business intelligence project ...

Building for a Brave New World (Part II)

Part II: Getting Real about Web Services and "Transparent Interoperation."

XML: From Chaos to Cooperation

Technological infrastructures within companies and supply chains today resemble the bar scene in "Star Wars." XML's promise: To turn that chaos into universal cooperation, thus enabling Web services. Here's how the XML revolution is affecting your company.

CA Certifies J2EE Tools

Java applications servers are frequently cited as a growing market in a dismal industry, but little attention is paid to tools for supporting J2EE. Computer Associates International Inc. hopes to close the gap by having Sun-endorsed tools on the market.

Web Services: Building for a Brave New World (Part I)

Part I: The Web Services promise is tempting. How close is real fulfillment?

Sun's Take on Web Services

Should Web services achieve the popularity many predict, the war between Sun and Microsoft figures to rage on well into the future, as Sun’s Open Net Environment is the J2EE-driven equivalent of Microsoft’s .NET initiative.

Web Services in Action

The term “Web services” is still so vague and poorly defined that examples often prove the best way to get a handle on how the concept might change the way you do business with suppliers and customers.

IBM Ships 1000th zSeries

IBM Corp. said last week it had shipped its 1000th zSeries Mainframe, suggesting a revival of interest in the venerable platform. The zSeries mainframe launched in December 2000.

Unity Key to IBM’s Web Services Vision

At IBM, Web services are the next logical step moving forward in the middleware space, as the integrations they support help Big Blue give developers the ability to create application environments that work together.

XSLT: The Driving Force Behind XML

While the focus, for those building and using Web services, is often on XML, there’s another crucial technology that needs to be followed: XSLT.

Sun Purchases Mainframe Rehosting Software

Unix giant Sun Microsystems, Inc. said Tuesday it purchased the mainframe rehosting business from Critical Path, Inc. for an undisclosed sum. Sun will get Critical Paths’ technology, assets, and developers related to the rehosting business.