Tactical Screen Scrapes

Managing a mainframe- or midrange-based data center often demands an ability to adapt to new requirements and innovations at the user level. That's why two companies in different industries recently set up a unique operational partnership that takes advantage of one another's resources.

Profiles in IT: Change Agent

This manager's guiding $6.9-billion deal with EDS to transform the U.S. Navy's view of e-business, including what might be the largest smart-card rollout ever.

Profiles in IT: Molding Information at Myers Industries

Transforming IT thinking by changing how a company's strategies align with its information technology people and products.


How do we make the most of our existing systems while incorporating new applications and data in order to stay competitive?

Profiles in IT: Banking on Online

An early approach to making e-commerce work by focusing on customers and customer needs—while still using the Web in innovative ways.

Take the Storage Scout Pledge

No one likes to dwell on it, but the dependence of business on electronic information—both its integrity and its availability—creates huge vulnerabilities for organizations counting on that information. IT and business managers everywhere need to be concerned about threats to data stored electronically.

Profiles in IT: Seven Inspirations

We talk with a handful of leaders who are making big footprints in the world of IT. They'll show you how they've inspired their staff, pulled off high-profile projects with flair and are successfully merging business with technology.

Reality Checks and Balances

There's no doubt that our industry comes up with some real show-stoppers, both good and bad—and manages to do so in rapid succession. The question is: How could you have avoided the money-wasting dead ends?

Secure Connections

You need to cheaply connect users around the globe while keeping the rest of the world out. A VPN may provide an astonishingly quick ROI compared to your current solution.

Profiles in IT: The Business of IT

Making the CIO a full partner in the business side—and stressing the business importance of IT.

USDA-Approved Data Integration

The USDA needed to access disparate databases scattered in regional agencies across the country. With a middleware solution and minimal programming, data now flows from an IBM mainframe into Microsoft SQL Server and then to users' browsers.

Paying for Protocols; RANDom Nonsense at the W3C

Imagine if the fundamental protocols that make Web services work were suddenly exposed to claims of intellectual property and, in extreme cases, royalty payments.

IBM Adds Enterprise Features to Shark

IBM Corp. announced today it had added functionality to its TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server, nicknamed “Shark,” to better serve the needs of its enterprise customers. The features improve the management and performance of the high-end storage cabinet.

Sun Takes on Linux, Windows With Entry-level Servers

Taking a page from IBM’s playbook, Sun Microsystems Inc. launched two entry-level servers yesterday as consolidation solutions. Sun believes enterprises will be interested in moving two or more commodity servers onto a single Solaris Unix server.

Tivoli Rolls Out New Security Products

Last week, IBM Corp. subsidiary Tivoli Systems Inc. rolled out three new security products to help enterprises create an umbrella security system. Tivoli Identity Director, Tivoli Policy Director, and Tivoli Intrusion Manager each address specific security issues within complex computing environments.

Windows XP Offers Enterprise Advantages

Although Windows XP is a desktop OS and many of the flashiest new features target home users, it still offers compelling reasons to move from older client versions, particularly Windows 95 and 98.

United Devices Introduces Distributed Computing for Enterprises

United Devices, Inc., a startup from Austin, Texas, today launched a new way for companies to deploy distributed computing technologies in the enterprise. Companies can use existing desktop machines for performing technical calculations that would ordinarily require a supercomputer.

IBM Launches Entry-Level Server

Today, IBM Corp. completed its launch of its new Unix server line with the introduction of the p610 server.

IBM Launches Entry-Level Server

Today, IBM Corp. completed its launch of its new Unix server line with the introduction of the p610 server. The p610 is a two-processor Unix server, positioned in a market space long dominated by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Websphere Comes to Linux

Confirming its devotion to the Linux platform, IBM Corp. made available a version of the Websphere application server for the open-source operating system. Websphere Commerce Suite V5.1, a version for creating e-commerce sites, now operates on Linux.

CA Updates Mainframe SRM

Computer Associates International, Inc. announced yesterday the updated version of its BrightStor CA-Vantage SRM product for mainframes.

The Road Ahead of Microsoft

Microsoft’s epic struggle against the United States Department of Justice presents perhaps the single greatest obstacle to its dominance of Web services.

Cahners: Enterprise IT Spending Down 18%

According to a new report by market research firm Cahners In-Stat, business IT spending is expected to drop this year, the first down year in over ten years.

IBM Announces Third Quarter Earnings

Big Blue was less than blue as it announced its earnings yesterday. Although earnings per share were down 17% from a year ago, the company remains wildly profitable.

Compaq Introduces New AlphaServer

Yesterday, Compaq Computer Corp. took the wraps off its new AlphaServer, introducing the first 1GHz Alpha processor. The AlphaServer ES45, a four-way server, and the AlphaServer SC45, a clustered version, are midrange Unix servers designed for technical computing.

BMC Targets DBAs With DBXray

Most monitoring and management tools target system administrators, meeting their needs by showing high-level information about what’s up and running. Database administrators have a different set of concerns to keep their systems healthy, and BMC Software Inc. takes DBA needs into account with DBXray.

AMD Preps 64-bit Processor

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. is expected to release details today concerning its forthcoming 64-bit “Hammer” architecture. Unlike Intel Corp’s Itanium, Hammer chips will continue to use the x86 instruction set, allowing full interoperability with software written for current 32-bit processors

Gartner Group: Storage Networking Will Rise

At its Gartner Symposium last week in Orlando, Fla. Gartner, Inc. said it expected to Storage Networking to rise in numbers, as administrators need better ways to manage storage.

Microsoft’s Visual J# .NET Hits Beta One

Microsoft Corp. is expected to release Beta One of its Visual J# .NET language and development environment. It is designed to bring Web Services and other .NET technologies to Java developers.

IBM, Hummingbird Launch New Portal Applications

IBM Corp. and Hummingbird have launched portal applications to improve access to corporate data and end-user customization.

Security Angst

Enterprise managers, your end users are teenagers now; they’re running amok and defying authority simply because they can. They’re doing it subtly by playing on the Internet and by obscuring their non-business use of your systems, and aggressively by destroying property when disgruntled. Ignoring these threats from within will only encourage them.

Shipshape E-business

Even today, storms and other factors make predicting ship arrivals an inexact science. That means data that tracks ship movements is golden, especially if your business depends on it.

Crystal Decisions and SAP Join Forces

SAP AG said yesterday it was integrating Crystal Decisions Inc’s data reporting tools into some of its mySAP products. The integration gives the software a ready-made way to look at data, obviating the need for a third party tool.

Microsoft Responds to Hacker Attacks

Microsoft Corp. launched a new security initiative as it tries to allay a growing fear among industry insiders that its products are too prone to malicious hacker attacks.