Managing Know-how

Managing and mining corporate information is a huge challenge...but there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Put a Good Security Staff in its Place

You've convinced top management, got the funding, and hired a crackerjack security staff. Congratulations! Now comes the really hard part. Having a good security staff won't mean a thing if those security pros aren't effectively integrated into your company, and if they can't develop solid lines of communication.

How to Deal with Bankruptcies

A bankruptcy doesn't occur in a vacuum, and there are distinct and important impacts a supplier's or service provider's misfortune can have on your business, whether you buy or sell IT products or services. This month I'll focus on the two types of business bankruptcies and explain the differences.

Harvard Nails SendMail

Harvard University's EECS turns to Sendmail.

Standardizing Infrastructure Lowers Costs at Philips

Cost cutting generally starts with the low-hanging fruit, i.e. costly inefficiencies that are easy to fix. But low-hanging fruit has a tendency to grow back, says Kathy Burkle, and sometimes the only solution is to cut down the tree and start over.

Fresh Voices

As I hope you've noticed, Enterprise Systems has a new, spruced-up look for 2002—we've redesigned to make it more open and easier to read, and to make information easier to find. In addition, in our first few issues of 2002, we're introducing new voices to the magazine.

Portal Mania

Tight economy or not, the mania over Web portals continues to run rampant. Many major infrastructure vendors, including IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Computer Associates, have announced new generations of enterprise portal products that incorporate more collaborative and business intelligence capabilities.

Innovate or Evaporate

Innovation isn't a line item in the R&D budget. While we've been busily trimming costs to meet reduced revenues, too many of us seem to have cut innovation, too.

Linux's Long-term Appeal

Hard to believe, but it's 10 years already since 21-year-old Linus Torvalds made public version 0.02 of the Linux kernel to a few eager usenet groupies. Today, there are an estimated 10 million users worldwide. IDC estimates that by 2004, Linux will be an accepted part of most markets' enterprise computing environments.

Linux Appeal Grows Despite Obstacles

On its tenth anniversay, Linux continues to push into the enterprise

The Search for Good Security Staff

The good news: Administering stand-alone mainframe security is easy. The bad: Finding people skilled at securing a mainframe in a distributed environment is very hard.

Storage Management Quarrels

In a truly creepy scene from the 1991 motion picture, "The Silence of the Lambs," newbie FBI Agent Clarice Starling visits Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a convicted serial killer so dangerous that he is incarcerated behind glass walls rather than prison bars in the basement of a hospital for the criminally insane. In the scene, Agent Starling offers Lecter a survey document used to collect information on the psychology of serial killers for the FBI's behavioral science database.

Web Services Tools: An Evaluation

Take a ride with us as we examine some tools for building Web services...