Wrong Time for an End Run

End runs can be a good thing. Sometimes they can get you around some significant problems and take you where you want to go. But the end run can also be a questionable strategy, especially when it comes to storage technology.

Squeezing More Stuff into Less Storage Space

The economy has slowed, but data growth certainly hasn't. Our expert offers 10 tips to help you squeeze the most from your enterprise storage investment.

Cleaning up E-Business

In early July, the World Wide Web Consortium unveiled a public working draft of version 1.2 of the Simple Object Access Protocol. At the time, observers across the industry hailed the latest draft of the SOAP protocol as another major step toward a transparent infrastructure for e-business.

Tough Choices in Enterprise Storage

Newer networked storage topologies that capitalize on the simplicity of NAS and the scalability of a SAN will soon appear in the marketplace.

Pandora's Box or Panacea?

Is PKI all what it's cracked up to be?

Savvy Integration

CRM, or customer relationship management, has become one of those must-have technologies that everyone's talking about. But the technology is, in the words of <i>M.A.S.H.</i>'s Colonel Sherman Potter, a real pain in the kiester to implement.

Complex Times

No doubt about it, our jobs in IT have expanded far beyond the realm of systems maintenance. No longer are we required to simply "support" the business; we're now called upon to help define it. Systems and technologies themselves have become infinitely more complicated as well.

Brown&Williamson: Open All Night

A self-service extranet helped tobacco distributor Brown & Williamson automate its order-entry system and erase a time-consuming East Coast, West Coast divide.

Content Management

The first bloom is off the e-commerce rose, and companies are at a turning point. Their systems are breaking down from the weight of what it truly means to do business on the Internet. The burden does not stem from standard business practices, but from the fundamental challenge of managing content assets.

Xand Turns to SANs

A New York-based managed service provider switched to a SAN solution from IBM to drive revenue and beef up customer value.

Storage's Endless Summer

While network attached storage has moved into the technology mainstream today, that wasn't so in 1992. In fact until recently, conventional wisdom held that such a technology would lead to anarchy.

Worth Waiting For

We all have times when we put off tasks until the last minute. It's called procrastination, and it's generally considered a habit to avoid. But there are situations in life&#151;and in data warehousing&#151;in which it's actually smart to wait until the last minute. I call that healthy procrastination.

Get Your Content Under Control!

The rise in e-business makes it more important than ever to get a grip on your Web-based information assets. New tools can help you manage your Web content.