Business Intelligence

BI Tech Talk: Behind the Wild Profusion of ESBs

Why are so many data integration players selling enterprise service buses of their own? Is it just a matter of vendor opportunism?

Q&A: Expanding the Definition of Data Governance

Data governance is more than just managing data in order to optimize outcomes.

Q&A: Ensuring Success in Your Enterprise-wide BI Project

There are many traps to rolling out an enterprise-wide BI project. We show you how to avoid those problems.

The Impact of an Effective BI Assessment

How are BI maturity assessments implemented and how can their value be marginalized? We explore the impact and scope of such assessments and what to expect from the process.

Three Steps to Successful Data Integration

This three-step approach will help you establish or reenergize your DI development projects.

BI Experts: Validating Your Data Warehouse Direction

Technology changes are helping us analyze growing data volumes. Our data warehousing architecture must remain flexible, and frequent validation of user requirements and data usage will help us achieve this goal.

Q&A: Charting the Course of Innovation

What new technologies are affecting BI professionals, and how can we be prepared for these changes and the innovations they bring?

Host Analytics Touts Benefits of CPM in the Clouds

Host Analytics says its cloud pedigree gives it advantages relative to its on-premises competitors in corporate performance management.

Predixion Aims to Make Predictive Analytics Simple, Accessible

Predixion's goal was to develop a solution that makes data mining and predictive analytics consumable and usable by rank-and-file workers. Has it succeeded?

Q&A: The Magic Bullet for BI and DW Success

How do organizations effectively handle the inevitable challenges in human dynamics to ensure project success?

Cool BI: Heading to the TDWI Forum in Chicago

Which key BI trends matter most? Cindi Howson explains the top seven innovations she and co-presenter Dave Stodder will discuss at the Cool BI Forum in Chicago in May.

BI Experts: No Time for BI Complacency

Three catalysts that are changing BI and data warehousing.

AnalytiX Pre ETL Mapping

A decade ago, using spreadsheets to manage ETL source mappings might've made sense. Today, an upstart BI vendor claims, it isn't just inelegant -- it's anachronistic.

The Confusing Future of BI and Data Warehousing

Thanks to a combination of social, mobility, cloud, Big Data, and other forces, business intelligence and data warehousing are on the cusp of profound transformations. The question is: which way are these technologies headed?

SQL Server 2012 Marks the End of an Era

Microsoft bids "adios" to OLE-DB.

Q&A: Analyst Sees Bright Future in Big Data

Huge data sets can reveal hidden patterns, analyst explains.

Q&A: "Smart or Lucky" Book Analyzes Tech Successes, Failures

A long-time tech observer delves into why some companies succeed and others fail.

What Shifting IT/Business Battle Lines Mean for BI's Future

Line-of-business analysts are advancing on IT's old territory. Five thoughts on what it means for both parties.

Tibco Goes All In for Social Features

For a company that's best known as a provider of back-end plumbing, Tibco's tibbr and Spotfire solutions comprise a very visible public face.

Busting 10 Myths about Hadoop

Hadoop is still misunderstood by many BI professionals.