Q&A: Emerging BI Technologies

Emerging tech is the theme of Orlando TDWI conference. BI expert and conference speaker Steve Dine leads us through the latest in BI innovations and trends.

Q&A: IAM and the Unix/Linux Organization

Unix/Linux systems needn't be islands of identity; we show you the challenges and options for addressing authentication, provisioning, and security and take a closer look at Active Directory bridges.

Q&A: Addressing Big-Data Challenges

What's driving larger data volumes, and how have compliance issues complicated storage management? How can you get "big data" under control?

Q&A on Emerging Technologies: SaaS BI

How software-as-a-service can be used with BI, plus a look at the technology's drawbacks and limitations.

Q&A: MDM Proving Its Value at Health Services Company

MDM may not be easy but it's worth the effort.

Q&A: Addressing Desktop Virtualization Challenges

How to cut the cost of desktop virtualization

Q&A: Improving Business/IT Collaboration

If you can’t save costs through efficiency, you can’t afford to be innovative -- but how do you get business and IT users to see eye to eye on the future?

Q&A: Outsourcing in Chile

With so many choices for outsourcing, should Chile be on your radar?

Accelerating Desktop Virtualization Deployments

Given all the buzz about desktop virtualization, is the technology right for you? What's holding up adoption, and what should you know before you embrace the technology?

Q&A: A New Approach to Tape Discovery

The benefits and best practices of using tape discovery.

Q&A: Will Intel's Jasper Forest Revolutionize Storage?

Do Intel's new processors signal a seminal moment in storage innovation?

Q&A: Cloud Integration Challenges and Best Practices

What is cloud integration, and what dangers can you avoid by following best practices?

Q&A: Pair Appliances and Virtualization to Beef Up Performance

Data warehouse appliances and virtualization make logical partners for companies interested in cost-effective solutions to handling massive amounts of data across devices.

Q&A: E-mail's Past, Present, and Future

The co-creator of the MIME e-mail standard takes a look at the past and future of e-mail communication, how it's tied to social networking, and e-mail in the cloud.

Q&A: The Rise of DevOps

Applications and environments are more complex than ever. DevOps may be the approach IT needs.

Q&A: Avoiding VM Stall

What gets in the way of managing and controlling your virtual environment effectively, and what best practices can you use to avoid VM stall?

Q&A: Optimizing Your Data Archives

What defines "old" data, and how do you solve compatibility issues of legacy backups?

Q&A: Zynga Stresses Visual Access to Its Vast Data Volumes

Online Social Gaming Company Turns to Visual BI to Delve into Data

Q&A: Agile BI Architectures

What is an agile BI architecture, and how does it fit into an organization's overall BI approach?

Q&A: Virtualization 2.0

Where virtualization is headed, and what problems (and solutions) lie ahead for IT.