Q&A: Text Mining and Analytics Draw Interest

Text mining can turn text into gold

Q&A: Data Visualization Offers Rich Views

Layered data visualization includes a look at outliers.

Q&A: Infrastructure-as-a-Service

What is infrastructure-as-a-service and how can you maximize its benefits?

Q&A: Server Virtualization and Storage

Virtualization is so radically different from physical computing that entirely new approaches to storage are required. So why aren’t vendors keeping up?

Q&A: What You Need to Know About Green IT

What's hype and what's fact, how you can judge green savings, and how industries and government are getting involved in green IT.

Q&A: Server Virtualization for Aggregation

Server virtualization is not new to IT, but what if you could use the technology to combine several servers into one virtual server?

Q&A: Master Data Management Coming Into its Own

MDM initiatives finding their place in the sun.

Q&A: Business Transaction Monitoring and Proactive IT Management

One way to keep problems from compromising your enterprise is to have a good monitoring system in place. We discuss the drivers and benefits of business transaction management, how it fits in your environment, and how your colleagues are using it.

Q&A: What You Can Learn by Monitoring Network Flows

We explain how to leverage data from switches and routers using flow monitoring.

Q&A: Enterprise Storage Challenges

More data means more storage -- and more headaches. We look at today’s storage challenges, the impact of open source storage solutions and server virtualization, and the storage trends to watch this year.

Q&A: Cloud Computing and SOA Convergence

SOA and cloud computing are hot topics in IT. Here's what you need to understand about how they're interconnected and how you can take advantage of their benefits.

Q&A: Disaster Recovery Considerations for Large Enterprises

Increasingly complex data center environments put an extra strain on your disaster recovery plans. How should you address performance, capacity, and management requirements and ensure your protection strategies are effective?

Q&A: Ten Tips for Maximizing Data Virtualization

To help IT leaders make the most of data virtualization, Robert Eve, executive vice president of marketing for Composite Software, offers a list of virtualization suggestions.

Q&A: How to Improve Performance from Cloud Computing

How to scale the data tier to get better performance.

Q&A: Assessing Cybersecurity's Past, Planning for the Future

Where is cybersecurity headed? We look at how regulation, social networking, and popular technologies (such as cloud computing) will impact your enterprise’s security management.

Q&A: Private Clouds Can Speed Data Access

A private cloud solution allows customers to access giant data centers themselves almost immediately after the data has been collected, thus addressing a long-standing need in the retail sector.

Q&A: Building a Private Cloud

We examine the benefits and uses of building a private cloud, and explain the implementation best practices.

Q&A: How Attestation Enhances Security and Eases Compliance

As the data experts, business users should regularly specify who has access to what data.

Q&A: IT and the Virtual Desktop

Desktop virtualization brings the computing power from the local workstation back to the data center, changing the entire computing paradigm.

Q&A: Managing Mobile Devices

From security issues to integrating heterogeneous devices, mobile device management is fraught with challenges.