Q&A: Application Performance Management and the End User

Managing application performance is all about how the end user perceives performance, and current tech trends are having an impact on that perception.

Q&A: Understanding Private vs. Public Clouds

The president and COO of a managed services firm that offers private cloud computing explains the differences between public and private cloud computing and what each is best suited for.

Q&A: BI Technology Holds Special Promise for SMBs

Up and coming technologies including in-memory processing and column–based databases, combined with advances such as inexpensive memory and 64-bit operating systems, are finally promising affordable BI to small and medium-sized businesses.

Q&A: Cloud Computing's Pros, Cons, and Potential

Consultant and TDWI instructor Steve Dine talks with BI This Week about some of the ins and outs of cloud computing for business intelligence.

Q&A: The Truth about Private Clouds

Truths and myths about private clouds.

SaaS BI Continues to Draw Interest, Traction

A recent survey sponsored by on-demand BI provider Birst finds that nearly half of respondents would consider a BI solution delivered as a service. Top concerns remaining around SaaS BI are complexity of integration, security, and opposition from IT, the survey found.

Going Green: Symantec Practices What It Preaches

Can a company that promotes its products with "green" benefits actually demonstrate those benefits in its own shop? At Symantec, the savings were, indeed, impressive.

Q&A: Encrypting Flash and Solid State Memory Devices

How self-encryption works to secure data on flash and SSD drives.

Q&A: Survey Shows Organizations Overly Optimistic About Data Quality

Data quality remains poor at most companies, while data managers are surprisingly unaware of that -- and of the high costs of poor data, according to a survey on the subject.

Q&A: Open Source Continues Move into Mainstream

Open source software for business intelligence and data warehousing continues to grow in popularity, a recent survey finds, with 40 percent of respondents saying they have deployed or plan to deploy it this year.

Q&A: Clouding Computing Challenges, Risks, and Rewards

Cloud computing has changed as high-speed connectivity has improved and virtualization adoption has grown. We explore the current state of the technology and where it's headed.

Q&A: Getting the Most from Your IT Budget

Where should IT look for cost savings, prioritize projects, and estimate your potential savings?

Q&A: Using Analytic BI to Drive Sales

The former head of Siebel's sales analytics team explains how companies can forecast sales much more accurately using effective analytics.

Q&A: End-to-End Transaction Tracking with Business Transaction Management

In today's environments, business transactions flow through multiple systems. Business transaction management eases your detective work when something goes awry.

UAC Changes and Windows 7 Security

What Microsoft's changes to user account control mean for the enterprise

Q&A: Segmentation in a Virtualized Data Center

Why segmentation is important and how policies can be set and enforced in a virtualized data center.

Q&A: Meeting the Challenges of Database Security

Proactive steps you can take to safeguard databases from internal and external attacks.

Q&A: In-memory Databases Promise Faster Results

Recent technology advances are making in-memory databases more affordable, faster, and generally more feasible for a range of businesses. Kognitio's CEO explains the technology and how it is changing.

Q&A: Improving Software Quality

Moving beyond software testing to understand and measure the structural quality of the entire software system is the key to preventing software glitches.

Q&A: Getting a Handle on IT Hardware

Getting a handle on your IT servers can be difficult. We explain how one company tackled the problem.