May 2001


Wheels in Motion: LANSA Helps Bicycle Manufacturer Get Up to Speed

Trek Corp., a manufacturer of bicycle parts and accessories, needed to make the move to e-business, and they need to move fast. Using LANSA for the Web, Trek was able to build a fully-functional Web site in about 90 days? Is it really that easy?

Albert's Analysis: Presto! Chango!

"Presto! Chango!" Blink and you might miss Sam Albert's explanation of how IBM transformed into a service company right before our eyes.

New Products

Web-to-Host Connections: Leaving Your Legacy

Response Time

The Right to Remain Mobile: The Toronto Police Department's eCops Application Uses Data Mining and Wireless Technology to Unshackle Its Information Infrastructure

Law enforcement has come a long way from recruiting jaded, former gunslingers to keep an eye on any trouble in town. Police departments are learning to use technology to link their employees to information and to each other -- keeping the good guys one step ahead of the bad. The Toronto Police Department recently started work on eCops, a crime reporting application that is expected to increase productivity and reduce technology costs by 50 percent.

Enterprise Storage: Storage Dollars and Sense

Keeping in Teletouch

Teletouch Communications needed to provide their resellers with realtime, cost-effective access to its internal pager activation, billing and general accounting system. Find out how one company kept sales In-Touch.

Summing Up the Total Customer Service Equation

In today's volatile economy, there is a growing focus on customer satisfaction and retention as the surest path to sustained growth and profitability. Businesses of every size are coming to the realization that while growing their customer base is important, keeping existing customers coming back may be even more so. With the dawn of e-business, the need has become even more urgent.

Editorial: Time to Cut the Cords

E-Business Opps -- Web Server Log Files: The Ultimate Clickstream Data Source

The “X” Factor: The Next Generation of Enterprise Infrastructure

Extensible Markup Language (XML) has gained significant attention in the past few years because of the promise of integration between numerous, disparate applications by providing a standard for specifying and presenting data across application boundaries. XML is now being deployed by many businesses with the intention that a single XML infrastructure can be used for interaction between customers, partners and employees through various business applications.

Business Intelligence: Metcalfe’s Law and Data Marts

A Tale of Scale: How Wintel Rode Profusion to the Glass House

Those not yet living in glass houses ... should take not of Wintel's rise as a scalable platform. The upstart PC platform was written off for many years, but now is set to deliver raw performance competition over traditional UNIX systems. Wintel started its rise to marketshare notability with Profusion, which is nearning the end of its life cycle, but new server system technologies are available and ready to take Windows and Intel into the future.

Mobile Computing: Are We There Yet?

While handheld computing has made great strides, there are still obstacles to overcome before these devices enjoy widespread adoption as part of a corporate computing infrastructure. Bandwidth, security and connection infrastructure are some of the many problems facing companies considering handheld computing solutions. Perhaps, one of the greatest challenges is recognizing these devices for their inherent strengths and weaknesses and correctly utilizing them.

Remote Possibilities: Enterprisewide Remote Access Solutions Flourish in High-Bandwidth World

Enterprises are increasingly recognizing the value of remote workers and are working to develop more flexible, innovative and cost-effective remote access solutions. Companies are helped in this mission by an explosion of wireless access technologies, with the enterprise WLAN market expect to continue its rapid growth rate. Learn what's happening in the wireless marketplace, and what's around the corner for the industry.

Issues & Insights: Apps of Steel

Linux on the Horizon: Users and Vendors Eye Linux for VPNs

The worldwide VPN equipment market is expected to reach two billion dollars in 2004, which bodes well for Linux product developers. Linux should provide enterprises with alternatives to the Solaris and NT products, currently dominating the market, as vendors and users both realize that Linux is out there.

Industry Watch

So, You Have Decided to Go Wireless … Now What?

Identifying the right wireless solution for your company can be challenging. Many solutions are extensive development projects in disguise, with hidden costs and risks associated with them. But, there are emerging technology-based solutions that will make going wireless quick and simple, and will enable you to take your existing Web-based applications wireless without requiring a development effort.

Mobile Applications: Making the Move to Wireless

In much the same way as the Internet considerably transformed the way companies conducted their business over the past five years, wireless communications will forever change the way a company’s employees perform their jobs.

Last Laughs

The WANs Have Landed: Wireless Technology: Embrace It or Beware

Wireless has hit the business runways, and users are still excited over the sexiness of the latest fashions. Companies are quickly springing up to develop and build the hardware needed to form an enterprise-level wireless network. Who is truly in vogue. Find out.