Security: Data Protection

Forensic Contingency Planning: Where to Start

A forensic readiness program helps a company protect its assets and know when they’ve been compromised.

How Data Security Breaches Hit the Bottom Line

A new survey reveals the best way to deal with breaches

Preventing Risky Password Practices

Users hate passwords, and it shows.

Regulations Drive Whole-Disk Encryption

With the average public data breach costing $7.5 million to clean up, security managers seek automated hard disk encryption.

Putting IPS Claims to the Test

A neutral, third-party testing organization rates IPS performance, accuracy, and reliability.

Q&A: Targets Shift for Application Security Attacks

With attackers gunning for sensitive information, it’s time to rethink Web application code development or face the consequences.

Is Too Much Anti-Spyware a Bad Thing?

An end user with two real-time anti-spyware engines asks if too much anti-spyware software is a bad thing

Enterprises Battle Cyber-Criminals, Targeted Attacks

Automated worms and malware-born invaders are still wreaking havoc in the enterprise, and financial losses from cyber-criminals are increasing.

Q&A: Are Fingerprints the Next Smart Card?

More organizations are using fingerprints for logging onto PCs and into sensitive applications.

In Brief

Targeted Trojan Attacks Increase, Security Zaps Productivity, Spyware Distributor Settles

Guarding Against Esoteric Security Leaks

Analyzing esoteric attacks highlights where security can succeed and how secure devices can fail in unforeseen ways.

Caveat Browser: Mozilla Targeted

Will security flaws dent Mozilla's status as a trusted alternative to Internet Explorer?

In Brief

CA Antivirus Vulnerabilities; AOL Patches New Netscape; Beware Phishing E-mails Bearing Keylogging Software; New Trojan Encrypts PCs

Few Organizations Increase Spending to Improve Security

While operator errors get blamed for the majority of security incidents, organizations aren’t budgeting a fix.

In Brief

Avoiding Time Warner’s Backup Mistakes; Learning from Loveletter; Tivoli Offers Security Index

Best Practices: Defending Against Insider Attacks

A new report from CERT and the U.S. Secret Service shows how to begin preventing insider attacks.

Q&A: Is Microsoft's Security Trustworthy?

Three years after Microsoft launched an initiative to improve its products’ security, we talk to information security veteran Gary Morse, president of Razorpoint Security Technologies, about the results.

Q&A: Enterprises Shift to All-in-One Security Appliances

Why use separate firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, gateway antivirus, and VPN products when one appliance can handle it all?

In Brief

Data Storage Security a Concern; Symantec’s 64-Bit Antivirus; Multiple Mozilla, Netscape Vulnerabilities

In Brief

Eight Firefox Vulnerabilities; Microsoft Previews Longhorn Security; Windows XP SP2 Rollout Lags