Security: Data Protection

Q&A: How to Assess Pharming Threats

Pharming attacks are on the rise. Should your organization be concerned?

Spend Less, Secure More

Companies that better target their security spending actually spend less and have more effective security programs

Database Security Requires a Multi-Pronged Approach

Regulations are leading organizations toward automated database intrusion prevention, auditing, and encryption

In Brief

Free Stuff a Security Risk; New Firefox Flaws Surface

In Brief

Criminal intentions behind half of all attacks; mass-mailing worms on the outs

In Brief

Forrester pushes personal firewalls, virus writers join forces, Windows rootkits circulate, Symantec sees kid sites awash in adware

Social Engineering Bypasses Information Security Controls

Identity theft draws media attention; phishing attacks skyrocket

In Brief

Automating E-Mail Retention, Industry Forms VoIP Security Alliance

Best Practices in VoIP Security

Don't forget to secure your VoIP network

In Brief

Resistance, then acceptance of automated e-mail retention; reports of spam’s decline premature

Buyer Beware: Putting Intrusion Protection to the Test

A new report examines IPS products in rigid performance, security, and usability tests.

Locking Down Laptops

Keeping hard drive data encrypted is more important than ever

Scale is Everything for Pentagon’s Digital Security

The Department of Defense adopts new certification verification processes

Q&A: Preventing “Applications Gone Wild”

Software can establish a baseline of "normal" application activity, then sound the alarm when an app behaves erratically

Putting Next-Generation Smart Cards to Work

Two trends are driving the growth of digital signatures for sign-off and revisions of digital documents

Case Study: Protecting Hospitals’ Increasingly Networked Systems

HIPAA mandates penalties for data disclosure. Here's how a hospital went about finding an intrusion detection solution.

Critics Blast Cybersecurity at Department of Homeland Security

When it comes to information security, does the U.S. Department of Homeland Security have a blind spot?

Top Ten Security Trends for 2005

What's in store for information security

In Brief

Charting spyware growth, identity theft at universities, safer Web browsing

New Enterprise Tools Attack Spyware

Spyware is a moving target. Pushing out one level of filters just doesn’t cut it any more.